About Us

Established on the principals of developing effective strategies and partnerships; we operate internationally as an exporter and importer, contract manufacturer, engage in corporate business development and participate with various small to large organizations, since 2004. We have established operations with a portfolio of manufacturers operating on various levels of the supply chain. We specialize our operations in specific industries and markets. We are a partner to the industries we serve.

Our mission is “to deliver quality products at the best prices that meet the specific needs of our clients.”


Our Commitment

We are committed to customer satisfaction. We believe in developing a strong rapport with our customers, and you will have full confidence in our loyalty, integrity and our ability to deliver. Part of our commitment also consists of bridging new innovative ideas, strategies and introducing new and up coming products.



Be committed to satisfaction and deliver results.


Be open and creative in order to provide the best products at the most competitive prices.


Be understanding to assist our partners in adapting to industry changes.