Corporate Data


Please find below corporate data.   If you are looking for references of our trade activities, please contact us directly .  We do not file finanical information to un-regulated third parties.


Corporate Name: Emporio Trading International Inc.
Inception Year: 2004
Registration Province: Province of Ontario
Operating Address: 564 Weber Street North, Unit #1
Waterloo, Ontario,  Canada N2L 5C6
Managing Director: Mario Hadjiyianni, CITP | FIBP
Activities: International Business Development, Global Supply Chain Management, Commodity Product Management, Co-Manufacturer, Principle Exporter,  Brokerage and Agency
Operating Regions:

North America, South America, Europe and Former CIS, Asia Pacific Region and Western Africa.

Canada, United States of America, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Germany, Cyprus, Greece, Belgium, Russia, Angola, Western Africa, Kuwait, UAE, Korea, China (PRC), Hong Kong (China), Japan, Singapore and Philippines.

Global Operations with on-ground presence: Korea, China, Cyprus, Canada and USA.   (other select nations)



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