Pork, Beef, Lamb and Chicken

We supply and export frozen pork, beef and chicken products according to customer requirements at agreed terms and conditions. We work with farmers, slaughter houses, cutting facilities, processors, manufacturers, importers and other value added facilities providing a market place to our clients world-wide. 







Beef Products
We supply frozen beef cuts according to customer requirements that includes: Loins, Sirloins, Hips, Ribs, Chucks, Flanks, Chuck Short Ribs, Back Ribs, Inter-coastal meat and various others.


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Breeds: Black Angus Beef, Waygu Beef, and others
Markets: Korea, Japan, Canada, USA, China, Russia and EU.
Certifications: Halal and/or Kosher  and/or Other


Pork Products
We supply and export the following frozen and chilled pork products that includes but not limited to; Hams, Bellies, Shoulders, Collar Butts, Loins, feet, trimmings, fats and Offal s. Packaging can be customized in various forms that includes; Individually Wrap Packed, Bulk in cartons and vacuum packed.


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 Pork Product Catalog 1,   Pork Product Catalog 2


Chicken Products 
We supply frozen poultry products according to customer requirements but not limited to; Broilers, Large and Regular Size Legs Boneless Skinless, CLQ – Chicken Leg Quarters, Drum Sticks, Boneless Breasts – Whole and Halved, Chicken Fat and and Chicken Paws or feet.

Origin: Canada, USA, Brazil, Argentina, Spain and other European Members.


Seafood Products 
We supply various seafood products only for specific clients based on availability.   

Scallops, Mackerel, Yellow Fin Tuna,  Blue Fin Tuna, etc. 







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