Business Activities

Since 2004, we have been a partner company that co-manufacturers, supplies and exports products providing a market place to both suppliers and buyers. We are a company built on partnerships with industry players in key foreign and domestic markets. We act as a primary market buyer and seller, also engaged in contract manufacturing according to agreed contractual terms and conditions.

We are a business to business company that handles the globalization of commercial activity and the hurtles that occur on a regular basis. However, we are engaged in various streams of business and positioned to add value to our partners.

We operate in the follow fields of business;

  • Food sector handling various specialized food products, frozen and fresh meat products and others.
  • Construction materials mainly dealing with softwood timber, hardwood and composite construction materials
  • Renewable energy technologies to help integrate new facilities world-wide
  • Other business activities related to our partners and specialists that help companies position themselves in the market place; integrating new technologies into existing business fields, licensing and leasing, entering new markets

We serve the following markets for specific industries and clients;

  • Canada and the United States
  • Korea, Japan, China Mainland, Philippines, Singapore and Hong Kong
  • France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Belgium and Cyprus
  • W. Africa, Middle East and other specialized markets in cooperation with partners.

We are positioned in the market place as the following; 

  • Wholesale distribution to service providers 
  • Principle Exporter and financier of various product including food and other raw materials
  • Contract manufacturing, packaging and freezing 
  • Commissioned broker of products to specific markets and key players
  • Commissioned agent to manufacturers along with other arrangements 
  • Develop specific foreign markets for specific clients
  • Develop medium to large scale projects that enhances economics and enhanced sustainability. (licensing of IT technologies, Waste Management and BioGas Technologies that are factually measured to be sustainable.) 

Our company is a partner to the industry with a portfolio of clients in almost every continent. We seek to provide value by handling the needs of the market and maintain lasting relationships with it’s participants.