Beef (Bovine) Products – Frozen, Aged and Chilled 

We export and supply various beef cuts from carcasses to retail ready product for food service and retail chains. We work directly with slaughter houses, cutting facilities and meat processing plants to deliver value added products to the global supply chain .

We customize each order for each partner and supply cuts that includes mainly frozen beef products but not limited to; Frozen and chilled Chucks, Chuck Short Ribs, Back Ribs, Shoulder Clod, Tenderloins, Knuckle, Top Blade, Primal Rib, Rib Eye, Plates, Brisket, Inter-coastal Meat, Full Brisket, Short Loin, Flank, Strip Loin and many others. Packaging is standard or customized in various forms that includes; Individually Wrap Packed (IWP), Bulk in cartons and/or vacuum packed and/or candy wrapped.

Our operations are vertically integrated with slaughter houses, cutting plants, cold storage which also encompasses Government health inspection and special quality control requirements implemented according to health inspection requirements. We also utilize third-party inspection at point of export to point of import for controlled nations.


Product: Frozen Beef, Chilled Beef, Aged Beef
Certifications:   Halal and/or Kosher and/or regular
Grades:   Canadian Prime Grade (AAA, AA, A), USDA Choice Grade, and etc.
Species/Types:   Black Angus, Waygu Beef, Bobby Veal, etc.
Feed: Grass Fed and market
Origin(s): Canada, USA, Australia and Europe
Cuts:  Customized

Global supply chain and export of beef meat, offal, fats and bone products.



Beef Breeds and Varieties

(Conventional and Anti-Biotic free)Origin(s): Canada, USA, Germany, UK and Spain.
Chuck Short Ribs, Back Ribs, Inter-coastal meat, Rib Fingers, Chuck Roll Japanese Cut, Boneless Chuck Short Ribs, Rib Eye, Strip Loin, Tenderloin, Tendon, Offals Hides, etc.


We actively contract, export and supply beef cuts to the Americas, Asian Pacific Region, Africa and Caribbean. (Canada, USA, Mexico, France, Spain, Austria, Germany, Ireland, United Kingdom, Hungary, Brazil, Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines and Singapore. )


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