Emporio Lumber is an Emporio Trading International Inc. Operation.   www.emporiolumber.com.  

We supply and export softwood dimensional lumber, hardwood, OSB boards and other specialize materials internationally.  We also co-manufacture lumber products under specific guidelines, or under-go specific  stress certification.  


Douglas Fir
We supply Douglas Fir dimensional lumber & Logs for export into various markets.
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SPF – Spruce, Pine and Fir
We export SPF (Spruce, Pine & Fir) softwood dimensional lumber into various markets. We have various grades and sizes from 8 ft. to 20 ft..

Our SPF dimensional lumber is from Western & Eastern Canada. We can customize orders based on customers requirements.

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Hem Fir
We export Hem Fir (Hemlock & Ambiance Fir mixture) softwood dimensional lumber. This species is famous in various international markets for it’s appearance properties and excellent nailing characteristics.

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We supply hardwood species for various clients internationally. Our supplier base is located in Canada and the United States and have various options available for quality grades, treatments and usages.

Typical grades are Choice Grade, Clear Grades, FAS 1F and FAS 2F.

American Black Walnut, Red Oak, White Oak, Hard Maple, Soft Maple, Poplar and Alder.

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OSB – Oriented Strand Boards
We export OSB Boards that are either TECO or APA rated from various Mills across Canada and the United States. Each Mill specializes in different thicknesses, qualities and moisture resistance.

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